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Mission Minded in the Workplace: Illuminating the fruit of the Spirit

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What would happen if you approached work from a different angle? Could it be possible you have the ability to change the company culture in your organization? After all, a company culture is the sum of the employees working for it. Join me on a journey of discovery as I unpack over 20 years of work experience and look at the workplace through the lens of being mission minded. We will uncover the nine character traits that make up the fruit of the Spirit and show practical ways to display them in the workplace. I'm bringing several friends along on this journey who are going to share their incredible and inspiring stories which are sure to motivate and encourage you to go the extra mile for your co-workers. From dynamic morning devotions to the utilization of Corporate Chaplains, let's not be timid in being mission minded in the workplace through the fruit of the Spirit. Work will never be the same again. Every day is an adventure to encourage, motivate and inspire the next generation of workers to reach higher and farther for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Radio Interview on Truth Network to discuss having a Persistent Patience in the Workplace

Looking for some help in mustering up some patience for one of the following scenarios?


1) The willingness to teach someone something new, even if it is the 5th time showing them

2) The ability to tolerate delay without compromising your integrity

3) Facing trials of various kinds at the office without getting upset or angry

4) Showing self-restraint and handling yourself with class when ill words are spoken to you by co-workers or even customers


Radio Interview on WBFJ to discuss "Mission Minded in the Workplace"

We explore these 5 questions in this 15 minute interview. Please feel free to post comments on the responses to these questions.

1) Do we consider our workplace as a mission field?
2) Does being real about your faith in the workplace open doors to deeper and more fulfilling relationships with your co-workers?
3) Do we have the ability to change a company's culture?
4) What opportunities do we have in 2022 to encourage our co-workers?
5) Why is it important to share your personal testimony with others?

Praises for "Mission Minded in the Workplace"

"It's human nature for us to wake up every morning thinking of ourselves.  We put up "block walls" that limit our fruitfulness and service to society.  By reading this book and taking it to heart, is where we learn that it is all about application!  When we apply our faith in God and what we learn from His word to the people around us, is when we realize what is in God's will for us!  To be mission minded!"

Lee Kiser

Certified Pistol Instructor

"The Fruit of the Spirit is a powerful reminder of how God expects us to live out our Christian life both personally and professionally.  Many times we compartmentalize our Christ-like actions and fail to represent the Fruit of the Spirit in our professional life.  “Mission Minded in the Workplace” gives practical advice that is easy to apply and relate to as we participate in one of the greatest mission fields – our workplace."

Scott Williams

Sr Director Client Success, Sirius

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