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Inside Look at "Mission Minded in the Workplace"

Chapter 1 - Love Your Co-Worker

What do you get when you combine these three things:

Street Tacos + Taxi Cab + Personal Testimony?  Read "Street Tacos in a Three Mile Taxi Cab Drive" in Chapter 1 to find out.

Street Tacos.jpg
Taxi Cab.jpg
Personal Testimony.JPG

Chapter 2 - Undeniable Joy

Lee Kiser.jpg

Restored Joy

A picture of my friend and fellow jail ministry volunteer, Lee Kiser.  He recently celebrated his four year faith anniversary which he says is more precious to him than his birthday.  Lee has a special heart for Christ and has an incredible appreciation for his faith.  He is getting more comfortable sharing his personal testimony with others as a result of volunteering at the Danbury jail ministry. 

The Cambodian Kid

It would be impossible to meet Bellini Keat and 

forget him.  His joy for Christ is evident in his 

eyes as well as the way he lives his life and spends

his time.  Besides his car being covered in scripture, he has a cross displayed in his front yard and even wrote scripture on his roof before the city made him cover it up.  He is unashamed of his faith in Christ and inspires me to tell more people about the good news. 

Bellini's Car1.JPG.jpeg

Bellini's church, Bethel Cambodian Baptist Church is 

currently raising money for their church building 

fund as well as financial support to various missionary outreaches to Jewish, Cambodian, Muslim, Buddhist and other people throughout the world.  If you are interested in purchasing one or more of their beautful yard signs that say "Jesus is Lord," please reach out to him at or call 336-457-3001.

Chapter 3 - Perfect Peace


Noah and The Dove

The story of Noah and the dove reminds us that God is in total control even when the world around us sometimes feels like it is falling apart.  Meditate on this encouraging verse from Genesis 8:22 that promises "day and night shall not cease." 

"While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest,

Cold and heat, Winter and summer,

And day and night, Shall not cease."

Chapter 4 - Persistent Patience


The Most Intense Board Meeting Ever!

The Son of God was about to make a decision that would impact all of eternity and the entirety of the human race.  The decision was so gut-wrenching, "His sweat became like great drops of blood falling to the ground" (Luke 22:44).  He was doing business with His Father in a garden on three separate occasions and his fellow board members, aka His disciples, were fast asleep on the job.  He showed compassion on them and an unmatched patience as He was about to be crucified for the sins of the world. 

Chapter 5 - Kindling Kindness


The Power of a Handwritten Note

Don Walker, aka Grandpa Don, had a knack for writing the most kind and endearing handwritten notes to let you know just how much you were appreciated and valued.  Here is one of many cards and notes he wrote and sent us over the years before his passing in 2016.  


Chapter 6 - Celebrating God's Goodness


Morning Devotion Dynamics


Several years ago my wife's grandma gave me a copy of a small daily devotional called "Daily Light for Every Day" with Anne Graham Lotz.  For the past 24 weeks I have been using this daily devotional to kick-off each 15 minute work day morning devotion whose invite list has grown to 22 men at 15 different companies in three US states.   


Chapter 7 - Faithfulness in China


Four Bosses and a Co-Worker That Adopted How Many Times?

Adoption is a Miracle!  Whether you are flying overseas to adopt from an orphanage in a far away country or pondering the thought we are all adopted into the family of God when Christ enters our heart, Jesus is transforming lives.  If you know a co-worker in the process of adopting in-state through foster care or internationally, please pray for them, encourage them and if possible, help them financially to provide a loving family and home to one of the world's 153 million orphans.  

Chapter 8 - Gentleness Giants


Bob Ross Car Sun Shade and Kenneth the Painter

Every time I see Bob sitting in the driver's seat side of my truck in the morning, I'm reminded to make someone smile and teach them something new through the Spirit of gentleness.  That will paint a picture worth keeping.  Kenneth the painter's beautiful mural in downtown King was completed shortly after thanking him for his perseverance and vision in completing a work of art with such gentleness.      


Baloo the Lumberjack, Coronavirus Ducks and Pizza Box Message

Sam Hall looks the part for working as a lumberjack for 13 months.  What isn't evident at being 6'8 and tipping the scales at 325 lbs. is that he was severely bullied in middle school.  At a low point in his life Sam chose to listen to the voice of truth and was reminded we are all a unique creation, God doesn't make junk and He has a plan and purpose for each of our lives.  Sam is currently pursuing full-time youth ministry and continues to be an inspiration to countless kids that attend the summer camps where he works as a camp counselor.


A picture of our three fearless Coronavirus Ducks - Marshmallow, Nacho and Quackers.  They are happily living with a friend of the family on a spacious lake located on their rural farm.  They have new friends and have never been happier.


 This is by far the best message I have ever seen on a pizza box.  Way to go Hunt Brothers Pizza!  God bless you for putting God first in all you do.       


Chapter 9 - Self-Control 101

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